cctv1CCTV is widely used in both crime prevention and detection. The applications of CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in home security and commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance.

Having a well designed and installed CCTV System can save thousands of pounds in preventing theft or pilfering from clients shops or offices. By recording images on our DVR, evidence can be obtained of crimes committed or abuse of environment.

With the advances in technology and reduction in cost, home CCTV is a real and surprisingly affordable options to enhance the security of your home and garden!

All our security systems are designed and installed to the highest UK and European standards so you can be assured that our solutions are properly specified, installed and maintained.

Our Service includes;

*Maintenance of CCTV system(all service inside),CK-8D
*Fixed Security Cameras,
*Dome Security Cameras,
*Infra Red Cameras Speed Dome Security Cameras,
*Wires Security Cameras *Other Type Security Cameras,
*CCTV Monitors,
*CCTV Cables,
*CCTV Accessories and Kits,
*Installation of CCTV system,
*Maintenance of CCTV system,
*Check the cabling & connections where accessible for signs of deterioration or damage.
*Test the speed and efficiency of the remote signalling equipment.
*Inspection of all CCTV control equipment (monitors, VCR, DVR, Multiplexer etc.).
*Thorough check and clean of cameras, lenses and housings as necessary.
*Check lenses for correct field of view and adjusted as necessary.
*Check the image for correct field of view and adjusted as necessary.

cctc2*Remote testing of signalling equipment *Inspection of recording and playback quality.
*Satisfactory transmission of images to remote centre (where applicable).
*Check that all the cameras are operating to a satisfactory standard.
*Log all test results.



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